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16:17, 2008-Dec-9

By: Abu

The alarm rang waking me up from my deep slumber. I looked at the watch to see the time. It showed 6:00 A.M. The sun shown bright over my bed and my two friends Alex and Abinanth, who shared the flat along with me. Alex worked as a software professional who stood 6" tall and looked massive. Abinanth on the other hand is short but handsome. We had been great friends and shared all our intimate experiences in life. I eased my body off the bed to get ready.I heard the door bell ring and went to open it. It was our maid Ranjita who used to clean the home and prepare our lunch. Being single we had a hard time eating non-home food until we hired her. She was a married lady of 45 with two kids. Her husband was a drunkard which made her work for their living. She always wore sarees and was a very conservative woman Eventhough we were young men, we never looked at her in a erotic way until that night.I opened the door and greeted her with a warm smile. Ranjita looked homely in her brown saree. She stood 5'5, brownish complexion and had proportionate sizes. She was not slim by any means but not fat either. Her body is voluptous, bulgy with required curves in her hips. She looked like any mature indian aunty at such an age. Her breasts looked rounded and more than enough to be held in a guy's palm. I never thought I would be kneading the same breasts with my palm that night. I let her inside as she brushed past me.Once inside, she started doing her daily chores. Everything was normal and we got ready for office. Her saree was draped perfectly covering her assets fully. It clung to her curvaceous body tightly exposing her curves adorably.

But we guys didn't had any such intention to see a 45 year old lady in such a provocative manner. It was almost 8' O clock when I reached back home. It had started raining heavily. Alex and Abi were already there waiting for me. Ranjita was standing there drenched shivering like a chicken."Didn't you leave after finishing your work, Ranjita?" "I left, sir. But again I came back to wash the clothes when it started raining heavily." She replied."It's fine. You better stay here for the night as its raining heavily.""Ok sir. I will cook dinner within a few minutes for you all," she said and hurried inside the kitchen.We had dinner which was over in the next hour. Ranjita went to the balcony to dry her clothes. She closed the door slightly and removed her saree pallu. The door flew open exposing her standing there only in her blouse and skirt. Her breasts were wet with water droplets on her exposed cleavage. I decided we could sleep in the bedroom so that she could sleep in the drawing room. She soon felt sleepy and wished us good night before she got inside."Shall we watch an adult movie and have a beer?" Alex asked me. For some odd reason, I agreed. It was weird as how I agreed cause another woman was sleeping in the adjacent room. And we are three young guys who are yet to taste a girl in our life. An hour passed with steamy sex scenes on the screen which made our cocks hard and stiff. The alcohol did it's job and made us quite dizzy.I laid back on the bed and noticed both of them looking at the half closed door which leads to the other room. I knew what they wanted. They both are drunk and horny which made them seek the only pussy that is available for the night. The animal in me took over and I didn't object when Alex got up to satiate his lust from her mature body. He walked towards the door opening it slowly. Ranjita slept peacefully which was evident by the steady rise and fall of her breasts.Alex kept the door ajar and crawled onto the floor along with our maid. He proceeded rapidly raising her saree and skirt till her panties got exposed. His fingers trailed along her smooth thighs until it rested over her panty. His right hand moved below her neck to hug her. His lips met hers in a passionate kiss while his hands caressed

Her mound. Startled she woke up to find her soft, tender lips being kissed feverishly. She tried to break her lips free but he held on to her tightly. Her strength was no match for him which was made sure when he stripped her naked with utmost ease. He ripped her bra open which was the last piece of cloth left on her.Her voluptuous body was revealed to our lustful eyes. She squirmed. Her brown skin excited us to the point of no return. Her body looked so inviting even at such an age and made me wonder how she looked in her youth. He continued ravishing her body unabated. He took her pointed black nipples inside his mouth and sucked it vigorously. His fingers were over her pussy rubbing it intensely. She tried to stop his movements but in vain.Alex lifted her up to get her inside to our bed. We got off the bed leaving him enough space to feast on her. She protested. Her body betrayed her expressing signs of arousal. He carried her to the bed and laid her down. She lost almost all of her strength and didn't protest much when he got between her open legs. Her body disappeared under his massive form and he held her wrists under his tight grip. He positioned his hard cock in the entrance of her now wet pussy and plunged himself hard inside.Her moans echoed inside the room as she reluctantly accepted his cock inside her pussy. Her pussy was unused for the past few years which intiated a slight pain. He took his time to relish the mature lady's cunt to feel its grip on his shaft. She kept whimpering as he started ramming her feverishly until he came inside her. He got off the bed cleaning himself and looked at us with a satisfied smile."Who wants to take her next?" he questioned with a smile spread across his face.Abi was already naked his throbbing cock held tight in his hand. He rushed to take up his place between her spread legs. We went out of the room so that he could enjoy her patiently.

The next hour passed with us listening to Ranjita's moans of pleasure as she started enjoying being molested. Her cries of passion filled the calm night as my friend plunged himself into her mercilessly. Her gasps came in unison with his cock banging her now wet pussy. The room went silent for awhile.I thought he would come out when I heard her plead not to fuck her again as she couldn't bear it anymore. She pleaded him to stop as she couldn't accommodate his thick cock in her pussy. But he was not listening to her pleas but instead shoved his limp cock into her mouth. Her muffled moans indicated she was being mouth fucked by him. Then another low gasp as he lodged his cock into her pussy for the second time in the night.A few moments later, the door opened. He signaled for us to come and join him if we wish. I followed Alex inside the room as we crowded around her sprawled body. She looked tempting in such a posture. Her saree was removed and her clothes where strewn all over. Her bulgy chest heaved with sweat all over. Even at 45, Ranjita retained almost all of her assets intact. Her breasts were still inviting to touch and her nude body retained its shape vividly. The fact that she was a mother of two kids and been fucked every night by her husband aroused us even more. Her mature nudity resembled a ripe mango, fleshy and tasty. She opened her eyes weakly to see us standing around her but closed again. I think she sensed her helpless situation and decided to oblige to our desires. Her mature skin aroused me immensely as I groped her saggy tits. They were ripe, soft to touch yet firm to hold. I bent down sinking my teeth into her fleshy body. I slided my fingers inside her thoroughly fucked pussy.Eventhough she was resisting a bit, I parted her legs apart to slide my throbbing cock inside her.

"Please, Do it slow. Your friends already fucked me so hard and I am feeling so sore. Please...Oh...Hmmm..Uhhhhh." Ranjita hardly finished speaking when I jammed my cock inside her pussy hard which provoked another low moan from her. Her proposal to be fucked slow hardly reached my mind. My cock knew nothing except the warm sensation of being inside a hole. I started ramming my pole making her tits bounce along with my movements.I felt her resistance weak and knew she needed this fuck. It was later in the moring she accepted that she was acting merely to save her chastity. Her strong sexual urge was satisfied by her husband in the early days of her marriage. He even used to hump her with their kids sleeping near them at night. She would loosen her saree pallu and raise her skirt till her knees. He would lay atop her and won't leave her until he had emptied his last drop of cum inside her."Why are you making such a noise?" Her husband asked her as she kept humping her."It just feel so good to feel you inside me." Ranjita spoke in between her Ohh's and Ahh's.Later, he became a drunkard leaving her sexless. She managed to remain pious until this night when her pussy felt the familiar sensation of a cock sliding inside. All inhibitions abadoned her leaving only a sex starved lady at our disposal. I was still inside her feeling the warm orifice envelope me completely. I started moving to and for with her legs wrapped around my hip. She started co-operating as the guys watched with their hardons still intact.They didn't wait long to be serviced by our sexy maid. Alex held her face and guided himself into her mouth. She started sucking him with abi's lips firmly locked over her erect nipples. The night prolonged with us young studs hungry for more, her lips to be kissed, her nipples to be sucked, her pussy to be fucked, her body to satisfy our lust. We were determined to explore the sexy older female specimen till we could want no more.We dug into her body grasping and groping at every inch of her exposed skin. She was also forced to surrender her anal virginity to us. Her moans of disapproval didn't stop us from fucking her ass one by one.

Now and then, she would utter occasional gasps or moans when we used her every hole to satisfy ourselves. It was when we all got exhausted that we let her sleep.It didn't last long cause we were again ravishing her beauty before the sun rose. The day dawned with us four in bed entangled in deep sexual passion that almost seemed to last forever.Ranjita kept gasping along with my steady humping into her. I laid atop her my cock buried in her pussy with alex and abi lying on either side. They were spent after receiving a horny blowjob from Ranjita.I eased myself out of her and bent lower to take her lips into a deep kiss. After a few minutes, I let her lips free when I sensed her gasping for air. It was then she admitted that she loved last night even though she showed reluctance at first.The following days in which she worked for us, she became our unofficial wife. She had a great time satisfying her three husbands who is always eager to take her to bed. We never let her do any work peacefully because someone or the other would scoop her up to satisfy their urges. Our maid became our mistress with no place in her body left out by us. She was fucked in every place, in the kitchen, in the balcony, in the terrace, in the bedroom. She used to spend her every saturday with us when we three would make love to her same time. Ranjita loves to get humped in a group with our cocks in all her holes. Being a dutiful wife, neither she could protest when one of her husband devoured her nor when her other husband took his place between her legs as soon as one finishes off. Ranjita almost forgot her lawful husband and

Became completely ours for the next few years. She was spending most of her time at our home in the bedroom getting fucked by us to which she never complained.The days and nights passed off with us taking her by turns or at the same time. Ranjita is the goddess who came across our life and left sweet memories to behold.

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